The power of a smile …

smile facts

Have you smiled today? No really, have you taken a minute (maybe 30 seconds, OK) and simply smiled?

I understand that it’s hard for some to do because of life. Life can beat you down and make you feel really small. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Frowns are more common, yet they do harm children, teens and adults in unconscious ways. For instance, a frown can change a person’s physiological state. That means fear, anger, disappointment and other emotions are awakened through frowning.

Now the antidote to frowning is smiling. Really! 🙂 A smile that is warm, genuine and friendly can go a long, long way toward delivering a sense of peace and serenity within a person. Plus, the affect it has on other people that you meet each day (whether it is family, friends or co-workers) is beautiful.

A smile for those of us in the cleft and craniofacial community is priceless. We’re the ones that have (and still go through) daily inner battles of worthiness, self-esteem and anger. I’ve mentioned anger twice because, in my case, it’s been a powerful emotion that — second only to fear — has caused me to make some rather interesting (and wrong) decisions about myself and other people.

So enough about the frowns and anger.

Smiles and smiling are the name of the game. Hey, if you believe that because you have a cleft or craniofacial anomaly that you are not worthy of smiling … then let’s talk for a second. Every single person on the Big Blue Marble is definitely worthy of a smile. I am and you are, too. Smiling and its brother-sister laughter are great expressions of joy and happiness. Now there are some of us who have been through traumatic periods in our lives. Even having reparative surgeries can be considered traumatic by people.

Yet I want to give us all a word of encouragement here. We all are worthy of smiling at least once a day. Smiling is good. For single adults, smiling can be a sign of confidence and wonderful self-esteem. For children, smiling and giggling are great parts of growing up. Teenagers scared to smile because of what others might think or say can rest assured that others have walked that path, too.

Songs have been written about smiling. Check this out from Frank Sinatra.



I dare you not to smile while listening to the Chairman of the Board.

So get busy and have a smile today! You deserve it.


Every minute counts … and you are loved.


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