The Voices In Our Head …

There is a powerful moment in life where spending too much time listening to the voices in your head becomes weary.

These voices are ones that continually drive home messages about shame, guilt, fear, isolation, loneliness, unworthiness, and the big one for most of us — “You are not beautiful.”

Now here are two ways to look  at these voices: One, that they are real and valid and speak truth. Two, that they are simply raising attention and awareness to parts of our lives that need healing and love.

The voices are mostly negative. Yet within all of us, there is energy … a drive that can be tapped into so that the voices don’t take over our lives. I have seen people that I know and love get way, way deep with the voices and, ultimately, they cannot come back and see their lives and loved ones through sanity. Add in there getting sucked into that vortex of dysfunctionality … while dealing with my own stuff … and it becomes a concoction for craziness.

It is tough enough to walk through life with cleft lip/cleft palate/craniofacial anomalies. Paying too  much attention to the voices makes it that  much harder.

Today, in this moment, let us — you and I — just walk through this day as best as possible. The voices are there … and we can ignore them together. We also have a choice to pay a little attention to them, then walk away. Leave them alone. Don’t stir up drama and chaos simply because it’s what you and I may be so used to in our lives. Living alone for many years, I can tell  you that I’ve gotten that game down pretty good. Yet it is not a pretty game. It’s sad.

Therefore, turn down the negative noise and seek the positive vibrations … the good vibrations (pardon the Beach Boys reference).

May we all strive today for a positive, healthy, vibrant life in the face of our anomalies.

Every minute counts … and  you are loved.


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