“CleftCast” on “The Healthy Smile” for adults in the Cleft/Craniofacial world …

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This week’s “CleftCast” wraps up “The Healthy Smile” series by focusing on adult issues. These issues are varied, and it is not a one-size-fits-all type of situation. Every person has his or her own path into adulthood. I’m simply sharing some of my experiences with you … and you are free to take them or leave them.

My hope and intention is that it will start a conversation within yourself and, possibly, with others in the cleft/craniofacial community that are adults.

Always remember that every minute counts … and you are loved.

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“CleftCast” … “The Healthy Smile” for College-Age Adults …

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This week’s “CleftCast” #podcast continues “The Healthy Smile” series, this week focusing on college-age adults. There is so much to deal with in college, from the stress of academics to personal interactions. Then, of course, there’s the cleft and craniofacial anomaly issues that might — notice I wrote might — come up.

My hope and want in this #podcast is to bring hope and light to those that are in these years right now. Even those who are not in college right now, yet are in this age range, too.

“CleftCast” can be downloaded through Blog Talk Radio or iTunes.

Thanks for listening and sharing.

Every minute counts … and you are loved.


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“CleftCast” on “The Healthy Smile” for middle school and high school children …

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This week’s “CleftCast” #podcast continues “The Healthy Smile” series, focusing on the middle school and high school years of growing up.


These 8 areas were covered:

What A Fabulous Face

Have A Healthy Self-Esteem

You Are NOT Your Anomaly

Feel Your Way Through Life

Believe In Yourself

If You’re Down, Don’t Stay There

Smile More, Frown Less

Love Is The Answer


Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, thanks for caring.

Reach out and tell someone that they mean something to you today. It’ll make their day brighter … and make yours that much better.

Every minute counts … and you are loved.




“CleftCast” Special … Depression and Hope Within the Cleft/Craniofacial Community …

Hi friends,

This week, the world lost one of its brightest lights in Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams. His battle with depression and, ultimately, suicide have been well documented through the past few days.

These issues, for some within the cleft/craniofacial community, are prevalent. It’s not a blanket statement, OK. Just saying that some deal with it … and other emotional issues.

My hope in doing this special “CleftCast” is that just one person will hear something that can help them. If more than one, then all the better.

Thanks and be gentle with yourself.



“The Healthy Smile” … A little more on early childhood development …

In support of “The Healthy Smile” four-part series that I am rolling out through “CleftCast”, here’s a breakdown of the key points from the first #podcast that launched on Thursday.

I talked about eight specific areas, following the acronym “CHILDREN” in doing so.

C = Come Sit Down and Listen

H = Have A Happy Face

I = I Love You

L = Laugh Time

D = Do Your Best

R = Run And Be Free

E = Every Minute Counts

N = Never Doubt About Love

Make sure and download “CleftCast” this week by following the link above. Also, “CleftCast” is now available on iTunes, too. Yes, it’s free.

Every minute counts … and you are loved.


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“CleftCast” on “The Healthy Smile” for children …

Hi friends,

This week’s “CleftCast” starts a four-week series on “The Healthy Smile.” I put an emphasis on early childhood, ranging between 3 and 8 years old, and discuss topics of interest.

The next three weeks will cover middle to high school years, college years, and adulthood.

Should be fun and interesting!

Download the podcast. Share it with friends. Thanks.


Every minute counts … and you are loved.

Blessings and peace,