What You Can Feel, You Can Heal

This is an ancient (in a way) saying that rings true in my life.

Maybe it does in yours, too.

Really, though, what you and I can feel really can be healed. It takes time to sort out feelings and emotions … which ones are yours and which ones are others.

In the cleft and craniofacial community, there are so many emotions that run through us every day that it calls upon us to take time (if possible) and see where our emotions and feelings are in that moment.

Whether it is overwhelm, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, remorse, or that old favorite “I don’t look good enough” or “I am not enough” … well, those are valid maybe for some people.

I hope if you notice these and others inside yourself … and feel them … then know that there is healing possible.

Keep smiling, though.

Every minute counts … and you are loved.