The time to speak up is now …

Too many times, people have a problem expressing themselves … especially in the cleft and craniofacial community around the world.

Let me explain before any shoes or loose items get thrown around.

Because many of us have been taught or told that “our opinions don’t mean anything” or that “I cannot understand you,” then we tend to clam up and not share our feelings and emotions.

Yeah, yeah … feelings aren’t facts. Blah, blah, blah …

They do matter and the time to speak up about our feelings and emotions is now. It is NOT when we grow older and have lived too many years in regret, fear, resentment, anger and frustration. Trust me, we have the ability to connect with our emotions and make a difference in this world.

Do you want to go through life angry all the time? Of course not. I don’t either.

So do you and I stay silent or speak up?

I say speak up now … and take responsibility for your emotions and feelings.

You will feel better for doing so.


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