The Healthy Smile: You, Your Child and Emotional Education

Hi there,

Before reading further, I want you to take a few minutes and watch this video.

I want to welcome you to “The Healthy Smile,” a series of programs dedicated to the emotional well-being of children, teenagers, young adults and adults with cleft lip/cleft palate/craniofacial anomalies.

The initial “Healthy Smile” program is titled “You, Your Child and Emotional Education.” The focus will be on learning more about what you and I can do to help alleviate communication blocks within children who want to talk and communicate. Now all children through the early developmental years have a learning curve. This curve, though, is steeper when a child has physical challenges. They also have emotional challenges, too, and this program helps navigate that course a little easier.

What’s in the program? Here are the details:

* Five tele-seminar calls, one per week, focusing on a specific topic of interest.

* Weekly “TweetChats” on Twitter using the hashtag #healthysmile.

* Entry into a private Facebook page for “The Healthy Smile” where the conversation continues between tele-seminar calls.

* A free subscription to “The Daily Smile,” a daily dose of inspiration for both child and parent.

Now the total price value for this program is $250, yet right now all of this is available for $75 $30. That’s right — $30!

This is a GREAT offer, so make sure you reserve your place today. This OFFER will end on Aug. 23!

I hope you will come along and take part in this exciting program. Let us learn and grow together. We’ll have some fun, a few laughs, a few tears … and learn a lot together.

“The Healthy Smile” program is a subsidiary of SMSOUL, LLC.

Click on link and make your purchase today!


Every minute counts … and you are loved.



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